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9 reasons Aerial Fitness is AWESOME!

1. Aerial fitness has its roots in circus arts, where artists do acrobatic and aerial acrobatics using aerial silks, aerial hoops, and other aerial apparatuses.

2. Aerial fitness is a hard and satisfying workout that combines strength, flexibility, and aerobic training.

3. Aerial fitness will increase core strength, upper body strength, balance, and flexibility, among other things.

4. Aerial fitness classes are frequently taught in a supportive and encouraging environment, allowing participants to develop confidence and trust in themselves and others.

5. Aerial fitness can help participants develop their body awareness and mindfulness by having them focus on their movements and breath to stay balanced and in control.

6. Aerial fitness lessons can be a terrific opportunity to meet new people who enjoy fitness and movement.

7. Aerial fitness is adaptable for people of various ages and fitness levels, making it a welcoming and inclusive type of exercise.

8. Aerial exercise can help people let go of distractions and experience a sense of calm by requiring participants to do demanding moves and focus.

9. Aerialists are given the opportunity to challenge themselves in a supportive and encouraging setting, making it an excellent method to keep motivated and involved in fitness.


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