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What to expect when taking an Aerial Yoga Class vs. taking an Aerial Hammock class.

The practice of Aerial Yoga is done with a single long length of fabric that is hanging from the ceiling from two points, in a loop or "U" shape. The hammock is used for traditional yoga poses done with support to help with decompression and stability. These supported yoga poses are executed with the hammock rigged about a meter off the floor with a yoga mat under the hammock. Being that some poses will be off the floor, you will use the fabric for support and to deepen stretches. This style of yoga can be utilized to improve flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

On the other hand, aerial hammock is rigged from a single point and is a type of acrobatics that involves executing choreography and drops with more dynamic movement. Aerial Hammock is rigorous and will get your heart rate up fast. There is a swivel rigged at the top of the point so that you may spin while in motion. Aerial hammock should always be practiced with a crash mat.


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