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What Does Aerial Armor Apparel's logo Represent?

The two triangles, pointing upward with lines running through each symbolize AIR. Air is often referred to be the element of the intellect and communication in spiritual traditions. Moreover, it is related to intelligence, learning, wisdom, and mental clarity. Which are all things that aerial arts brings to us! So we thought what better way to represent our aerial community than with this beautiful symbol/meaning of air.

Being that it is where the sun rises and illuminates the world, some belief systems equate the direction of the east with the element of air. Yellow or white, as well as images of feathers or birds, are frequently used to portray air.

Generally, the spiritual symbol for air can be used to convey the necessity of communication and mental clarity in spiritual practice as well as the strength of the intellect. It may also represent the need for adaptation to help people deal with life's challenges and changes.


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