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              Founder, Laura Haley, a professional aerial artist and instructor for the past 15 years, has brought to light an obvious need for custom, aerial specific ‘armor.' From the newbie aerialist to the professional, there is finally a place where aerialists can find specialized apparel for their aerial training needs!


“We as aerialists have been very creative in finding products to shield us from damaging our bodies - from compression sleeves, joint braces, back warmers, gloves and grip socks, we have tried it all. We knew that in order to work on tricks longer, we needed to protect our bodies. We at Aerial Armor Apparel have committed to customizing aerial specific products to meet the needs of our aerial community.  By creating aerial specific products, our goal is for everyone to feel confident and safe about their training. Focusing on the needs of all levels of aerialists flying around the world, our products have been approved and tested by novices to professionals! You talked, and we listened. We hope you love our products as much as we do! Wear your armor proud, as we are all proud to be bad ass aerialists! "


        - Laura Haley

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