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Over training your hands?

Have you been training so hard to the point where your hands become ripped or on the verge of rippinng  and you need to keep training? Wear these callus protectors in order to keep training without making your calluses worse in order for them to heal. Your fingers and bottom of your hands will still be exposed so you are still able to have skin contact to the bar. We do not recommend using this for normal training, or on any kind fabric. For use only on bar apparatuses when needed (ie Lyra, Trapeze).

Callus Armor

  • This item comes in S/M and M/L . Colors are purple camoflauge  and black.  Use ONLY when needed. This item is not meant to be use daily. You do need to build up callauses while you train.  This is instead of wrapping your hand with tape so you don't have to  worry about sweating it off. . This well thought out design is meant so you can still have skin contact to the bar with your finers and heal of your hand.

What our customers say! 


Carol L

average rating is 5 out of 5

I love every single product!! The socks are genius and the core warmer doesn't budge. The elbow armor feels like second skin and the finger/forearm recovery really helps get the kinks out at and between classes. Everything is such high quality, finally someone made a line just for aerialists!


average rating is 5 out of 5

I adore my grip socks, sports bra, and elbow armor! The socks are so nice to be able to keep on all class, even through warming up. The elbow armor is the perfect amount of protection, and the sports bra is high impact while still being cute!
The only things I would change would be the grip on the socks extending a little closer to the toes, and more sizes for the sports bra! I’m a 34DDD and it’s juuuuust too small, I think an XL would be perfect. I hope this is an option available soon, as well was 2/3/4/5XL!
Thanks for making me feel so powerful during training!

Remi S

average rating is 5 out of 5

Love it!

Mary F

average rating is 5 out of 5

Love love love Aerial Armor! I do silks, and I was not a sock person before, but now I never train without the aerial armor grip socks and have performed in them multiple times. I call them “magic socks” because they work so well (and I used to be very anti-sock… was sliding everywhere lol). Also love the massagers — perfect for recovery.

Olivia C.

average rating is 5 out of 5

Super pleased with the core armor so far. Stays in place, fits well, and meant I could wear a crop top in 80-degree new york weather and hit my windmills in the same day. Laura was also incredibly helpful and responsive about getting me my order after usps lost it. Great product, great company. Excited to try more of their stuff.

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